Installing Different Versions of R

Architect ships with an embedded, recent version of R. To configure another version for use within Architect, use the following steps:

  1. Install the desired version of R.
  2. Open the newly installed version of R and install packages rj and
install.packages(c("rj", ""), repos="")
  1. In Architect, select from the main menu Run > Run Configurations, and navigate to the R Console section. From there, click the button New launch configuration.
  2. Click on the Configure... button in the R Config tab.

  1. Click Add... to add the new R installation.

  1. Name your installation (e.g. R 3.4.0), then in the Location (R_HOME) field, navigate to the installed R folder.

  1. Click the button titled Detect Default Properties/Settings (see above). Then click OK. Your R environments should now look something like this:

  1. Click Apply.
  2. On the Run Configurations screen, R Config tab, choose the new configuration (e.g. R 3.4.0) for the Selected Configuration field, and click Apply.

In order to make your configuration selectable from the Run and Debug dropdown menus, check the checkboxes of the Display in favorites menu section of the Common tab, as seen below.

You may now run the new R configuration by selecting it via the triangle next to the button in the top menu.