Eclipse Plugins

Eclipse Marketplace

Since Architect is embedded in the Eclipse environment, additional Eclipse plugins can be installed directly in Architect via the Eclipse Marketplace.

From the Eclipse Marketplace menu, one can search for available plugins. Here, as an example, we look for a Python editor, and find PyDev, a popular Python IDE for Eclipse.

Click Install, and you’ll be presented with a selection of features available for installation.

To select all, click Confirm. Next, you’ll be prompted to accept the licenses associated with the downloaded software. Click Finish to initiate the installation.

Note that software may take some time to install. To hide the installation progress, click the Run in Background button on the installation window. Note that Architect may be restarted after installation in order to use the new software.

Software from Other Sources

Software add-ons from other sources may also be added via Help > Install New Software.

Architect ships with a number of predefined sites with software additions available to download. Other sources may be configured via the Add button.